ISG INSIGHTS: Integrating Data Analytics Across the Business to Understand 'the Big Picture'
Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 1:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Shriram Natarajan

There isn’t a single financial institution that won’t be more successful if it makes the most of data and analytics, but most have barely begun to scratch the surface of the opportunities available. Similarly, every institution is plagued by too much data, unactionable data, and misunderstood data. Balancing innovation strategies with compliance is necessary to provide a stable data analytics foundation to your organization. Customer-centric data initiatives with human centric design tend to be successful. Traditional BI solutions and Advanced Analytics also require organized and trusted data that is business-ready for analytics and AI. Discover the key elements needed in your journey to ensure data is embedded into the DNA of your organization How do you enable better data fluidity throughout your organization? How do you integrate data streams for collaborating across functions and business units? What mechanisms work for Analytics adoption ? E.g. outcome aligned ideation, common data model/layer, easy to use platforms, data quality How do you balance explain ability and exploration? Are your digital and physical processes aligned with respect to process mirroring and data mapping? Is your digital infrastructure able to deliver to business needs at the right speed, quality, frequency, and context ?

ISG Insights
Harnassing The Power of Data & Analytics