PANEL: Innovating for the Future
Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Vineet Bansal Nanda Rajgopal Manisha Dias Eizabeth Kelley Shyam Somani, CPCU, ALMI, AINS, AIC

Being digital is not about embracing technologies but using technology in innovative ways to achieve true customer focus across the entire organization. While some industries are proactive in automating their back offices and adopting cloud technologies, others, like insurance, have been slow to modernize.  Our panel of experts will discuss what platforms and technologies to harness, how the right kind of digitization provides opportunities to improve performance and customer experience, and share their experiences in evolving into digital organizations. Get answers to questions such as How can you set your organization on a successful path to digital and cloud transformation? How are wearable innovations redefining insurance? Which technologies are going to drive the next wave of innovation? How is technology reshaping the work of broker and agents? What are the trends on the horizon and what are the implications? How do you overcome legacy processes and infrastructure? What roles does talent play in creating an innovative culture?

Disruptive Technologies, Innovation & Transformation