PANEL: Delivering high value outcomes through data and analytics for Insurance
Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 1:45 PM - 2:25 PM
Christie Apodaca Clara Castellanos Lopez Connan Snider Srinivasan Sankar Jackie Zuker Amaresh Tripathy

In today's disruptive economy, financial services organizations are actively looking to grow and extract value from their data assets. For Insurance, this means leveraging data and analytics to drive business impact by supporting the shift to customer-centricity, improving underwriting and pricing, and discovering new insights. Today, the Insurance industry is at the cusp of change, working to redefine business through innovation such as instant claims processing, on-demand insurance, and products for underserved customers. As the business of insurance evolves through this change, data and analytics will play an increasingly important role, helping to guide value-based insights and strategic decision making. In this event, we welcome our panel of Insurance data and analytics experts who will provide us with deeper insights and perspective in this space. Our discuss will explore questions such as:How do you leverage data and analytics to delivery high value to your customer? How do approach data and analytics across your organization to improve business processes?What are your current challenges and long term approach to address underwriting and risk management with data?How have you dealt with legacy data challenges? Which are your top two use cases for data and analytics? What have been your biggest challenges to enable a data-driven culture? What are the biggest obstacles you face with data and analytics in Insurance and how have you addressed these? What does a successful data and analytics program look like for you and what do you think is the number one priority to achieve this success? (e.g., Culture, governance)

Harnassing The Power of Data & Analytics